Here's what some of our clients have to say...

“Ashaala, querida profesora, coach and friend. Para miha sido un regalo conocerte. Eres super, increiblemente talentosa y gifted, as your studio name. Sencillamente soy bendecida por haberte conocido. Y poder trabajar contigo. "Let's make some great things happen." Gracias.”


Marger Sealey - Latin Pop Singer/Songwriter/Entertainer/Actress - Venezuela

M.A.H.I. Program: "Vocal Activate"


“I am learning so much from you and cannot thank you enough. Keep singing. You are an inspiration! Music is the harmony of our lives.”


Steph Rose - Singer/Songwriter - London, UK

M.A.H.I. Program: "Vocal Activate"


“You are such an inspiration. You've changed my life. Thank you for making me great! I love you. xoxo.”


Dani - Singer/Songwriter - Miami, FL.

M.A.H.I. Program - "Vocal Activate" |  Artist Development "Discover You"


“Since the first session I had with you, I fell right in love with the environment and your teaching. At first, I did have troubles with the exercises, but you took your time with me and made sure I hit the right notes and controlled my breathing. As a person, I find you very determined to help me achieve my goals and improve my well-being. Unlike many vocal coaches, you taught me theories behind music and included ways to apply them to performances. Through all of the many jokes and good times we share, I feel like not only have I found a great coach and mentor, but the M.A.H.I. is a HAVEN that promotes talent and frees the artistic soul.”


Deyonn Daniels - Actor/Singer/Poet - Miami, FL.

M.A.H.I. Program - "Vocal Activate"


My life saver! Learned so much from you in such a short amount of time. When I'm on the red carpet, I'll have you right next to me, making sure I'm breathing correctly. Stay prayed up.”


T'alia - Singer/Songwriter - Miami, FL.

M.A.H.I. Program: "Vocal Activate" , "Vocal Mastery", "Vocal Continuum"


Thank you to The MAHI. I didn't only grow as a singer ,but as a person too. Ashaala Shanae really makes all of her students feel special, and I'm so blessed she has shared her talent with myself and others. She really opens up your knowledge to what really goes into music, and the business itself. I look forward to continue growing and perfecting my craft under Ashaala. Thanks again!

Brooke Isaacs - Singer/Songwriter - Miami, FL.

M.A.H.I. Program: "Vocal Activate" 


"In the short period that I have been privileged to be a part of the MAHI program, I have had what seems to be the best experience that I have ever had in any other program thus far. Out of all the training and programs that I have been a part of, the MAHI is definitely the absolute best."


Samara Bowden - Singer - Miami, FL.

M.A.H.I. Program: "Vocal Activate" & "Vocal Mastery"


"My future success in the music industry and in ministry will be because of the insight that Ashaala and the MAHI Program has given me. The tools and knowledge that she has poured into me has not only developed me as an artist, singer, and songwriter, but also as a minister and a businessman! Ashaala helped me discover who I am, and what my purpose is. When people ask me in the near future about how I became successful, my answer will forever be God choosing and gifting me, and Ashaala schooling me! "


Leon Witherspoon, Jr. -  Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Instrumentalist/Speaker  - Houston, TX.

M.A.H.I. Program: Artist Development "Discover You" | Artist Development "Launch You"


“Dear Ashaala, OMG. Words can't express how happy I am to have met you. You are such a great inspiration to me. Every session we had has brought me so much joy, love, and peace into my life. I haven't known you for long, but I wish that God had given me your presence earlier, but God works in mysterious ways and I am so grateful. I wish you nothing but the best in life, love, and business, and I can't wait to see what God has in store for you. I don't have too many friends or mentors, but I'm glad to put you in that category. Hopefully we can grow to be more than just student and teacher. Love you so so so so so so so so so so so much and thank you for being an incredible person. Hugs and kisses, your crazy Haitian dramatic.”


Christie Sonceau - Singer - Miami, FL.

M.A.H.I. Program: "Vocal Activate" , "Vocal Mastery" & " Vocal Continuum"


“God has placed this wonderful opportunity to study and learn from Ashaala! I am so thankful for God placing her in my life to continue doing His work. At times it is challenging, but Ashaala pushes me in order for me to be at my best. I've learned so much from her! Forever grateful.”


Terrene Chambers - Singer - Miami, FL. 

M.A.H.I. Program: "Vocal Activate"


“My life is now open to the reality that I have more to offer than just pain. Ashaala, God has used you to unlock doors that I didn't know existed. I realize with your help, that the physical clutter compensated for pain, anger, and agony that I did endure. The MAHI Program does not only touch lives, but helps save them. Thanks a lot!”


Gale Hyde- Expert Spiritual Encourager and Motivator/Public Speaker - Miami, FL.

M.A.H.I. Program: Character Enrichment "Uproot You" & "Upgrade You"


"Thank you Ashaala, for everything. When I first started with the MAHI program, I didn't think I really needed an artist development or songwriting class, but you opened my mind up and showed me it's more to just being an artist; that I have to know who I am first, and why I'm doing this. You're more than a teacher of music, you're a gift from God; and I want to thank you for everything. For opening my eyes and not only making me a better artist, but also a better person.


Casmir - Hip Hop Artist/Songwriter - Miami, FL.

M.A.H.I. Program: Songwriter "Unleash Mode" | Songwriter "Beast Mode" |  Artist Development "Discover You"


“ A dream that had died; A passion that was lost; A purpose that was unseen; That was me until I met Ashaala and the Music and Arts Healing Institute. You have helped me through the most difficult times in my life by just sitting on your couch, and you have pushed me hard to show me the gift that lies deep inside. Being here with you taught me to love my gift and that my gift was unique and needs to be shared with this world. I am so thankful to God and you, for now the dream is alive. The passion is found and the purpose is seen. For the world to see: and that's Wilda.”


Wilda Edouard - Singer - Miami, FL.

M.A.H.I. Program: "Vocal Activate" | Artist Development "Discover You"


“Thank you for all of your wonderful lessons. You have been an inspiration. God bless you!”


Alexia Payen - Singer - Miami, FL.

M.A.H.I. Program: "Vocal Activate"


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