The M.A.H.I. Vocal Pedagogy Masterclass covers diversified aspects of singing ranging from the physiological process of vocal production, education, healing, and applicable techniques; to the artistic aspects of interpretation and building a balanced repertoire collection from different genres and historical eras. Our custom-built vocal programs assist both vocalists and speakers in defining what singing is, how singing works, and how proper singing technique is accomplished in order to maintain a healthy and skillful voice.

The M.A.H.I. Songwriting and Expressive Arts Masterclass is designed to equip the songwriter, poet, rapper, and/or public speaker; whether at a beginner or advanced level, achieve artistically, liturgically, as well as vocationally. Our specialized songwriting programs equip the individual songwriter defining what songwriting is, how songwriting works, how proper songwriting technique is accomplished, as well as attaining a successful career in songwriting. 

The M.A.H.I. Artist Development/Music Biz Mentoring Masterclass prepares the individual for the next step in their entertainment/artistic career. With assistance from the M.A.H.I. "Dream Team", the aspiring talent is guided through a unique one-stop artist development portal, where image and branding, recording, manufacturing, and distributing product on major online retail outlets are all taken care of. Our customized first and second tier option programs navigates the artist from writing the vision to fulfilling the dream of being an artistic success!

The M.A.H.I. Character Coaching Program is designed to support, guide, assist and counsel the artistic individual on and off the stage. Be it a singer, songwriter, producer, musician, rapper, and/or public speaker, the individual needs emotional and spiritual wellness to deal with the stressors that come along with pursuing and maintaining a successful career in the entertainment and media world. Our unique Character Enrichment programs cater to the holistic needs of one seeking to be healthy and balanced in body, soul, and spirit.


The Music and Arts Healing Institute specializes in providing professional and quality 'Work for Hire' in the areas of production, arrangement, background vocals, and live and/or digital instrumentalization for, but not limited to: recording artists; music tours; spot dates; major concerts; music and entertainment industry events; live radio and television shows; record label and media industry showcases; and studio and live recording sessions. Think you have what it takes to be a part of the MAHI Singers and Musicians Work for Hire Network? Then click below to receive more information about upcoming auditions!

(Singers and Musicians Network)

The M.A.H.I. strives to educate and mentor individuals who have a passion for teaching music and the arts. Our curriculum in the areas of Vocal Pedagogy and Songwriting are designed to equip any individual with practical hands-on tools necessary for expansion and experience in the entertainment industry. The M.A.H.I. takes pride in training artistic minds for success, so that they can train others for success. Through our 14-weeks M.A.H.I. Certification Program, individuals will be able to attain M.A.H.I. endorsed, copyrighted certifiable material that will enable them to teach and instruct in any music and arts learning setting.

(For Aspiring Vocal Instructors)

(Conferences, Presentations, and Clinics)

Planning your next conference, music workshop, clinic, or retreat? Are you in need of a professional workshop facilitator, clinician, or speaker? The M.A.H.I. Elite Squad is comprised of trained experts in the field of  motivational speaking, vocal healing and pedagogy, songwriting, music production, photography, hair and makeup, fashion and styling, videography, photography, graphics, and web design. Our pool of professionals are able to speak t0 diverse audiences on multiple topics necessary to engage, equip, and enlighten; as well as empower others to follow through with their artistic goals and become successful in their skill and art  form.

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