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 Vocal Health & Techniques,
& Pedagogy Performance


The M.A.H.I. Vocal Health and Pedagogy Performance Program consists of four (4) tier sub-programs that cover diversified aspects of singing ranging from the physiological process of vocal production, education, healing, and applicable techniques; to the artistic aspects of interpretation and building a balanced repertoire collection from different genres and historical eras. Our custom-built vocal programs assist both vocalists and speakers in defining what singing is, how singing works, and how proper singing technique is accomplished in order to maintain a healthy and skillful voice.

The Concept, The Structure, 
 & The Business


The M.A.H.I. Songwriting and Expressive Arts Masterclass is designed to equip the songwriter, poet, rapper, and/or public speaker; whether at a beginner or advanced level, achieve artistically, liturgically, as well as vocationally. Our specialized songwriting programs equip the individual songwriter defining what songwriting is, how songwriting works, how proper songwriting technique is accomplished, as well as attaining a successful career in songwriting. 

Music Business Mentoring
for Aspiring Artists & Managers



The M.A.H.I. Music Biz. Mentoring Masterclass prepares aspiring independent artists as well as new artist managers for the next step in their entertainment/artistic career. The aspiring talent and/or executive is guided through a unique step by step artist development curriculum discussing branding; promotion and recording; building a successful team; manufacturing and distribution music contracts; budgets; and more. Our customized program navigates the independent artist/ aspiring executive from writing the vision to fulfilling the dream of being and having artistic success!

The M.A.H.I. Purpose Coaching for Creatives Program is designed to support, guide, assist and counsel the artistic individual on and off the stage. Be it a singer, songwriter, producer, musician, rapper, and/or public speaker, the individual needs emotional and spiritual wellness to deal with the stressors that come along with pursuing and maintaining a successful career in the entertainment and media world. Our unique Purpose Enrichment programs cater to the holistic needs of one seeking to be healthy and balanced in body, soul, mind, voice, and spirit.


Guidance Beyond the Platform
 For Artists & Creatives


The M.A.H.I. strives to educate and mentor individuals who have a passion for teaching music and the arts. Our curriculum in the areas of Creative Entrepreneurship, The Business of Vocal Coaching,  Vocal Health, Technique Essentials, and Performance Pedagogy methods are designed to equip any creative individual with practical hands-on tools necessary for expansion and experience in the entertainment industry. The M.A.H.I. takes pride in training artistic minds for success, so that they can train others for success. Through our M.A.H.I. Pro-Voice Masters Affiliate Network - Online Certification courses, one to one training, and on-site boot-camps, creatives will be able to attain M.A.H.I. endorsed, copyrighted certifiable material that will enable them to teach and instruct in any music and arts learning setting, as well as become a legitimized expert in their field. This program is catered towards vocal coaches, singers, indie artists, musical directors, voice teachers, worship leaders, musicians, and background vocalists. 

Become a M.A.H.I. Certified
Vocal Health Instructor & Pro-Voice Master Affiliate 


The Music and Arts Healing Institute specializes in providing Creatives with a way to generate more than enough income to live comfortably, and without worry even during a pandemic through Entrepreneur Mentorship. The Creative Entrepreneurship Program is designed to be taken either one to one or in a group setting. It allows those that desire to become their own boss to be as creative as much as they want, while meeting their targeted demographic service need at the same time. Enrollees will learn how to brand, build, budget, promote, market, monetize, and maximize their service and/or product to attain career stability, generate wealth for their family, gain financial stability, and leave a legacy for years to come.

Business Development 
Mentorship for Creative 


Planning your next conference, music workshop, clinic, or retreat? Are you in need of a professional workshop facilitator, clinician, or speaker? Our CEO and Founder, Ashaala Shanae, is a trained expert in the fields of motivational speaking, vocal health, technique essentials, performance pedagogy, songwriting, music business basics, practical purpose defining tools, and spiritual enrichment methods . She has spoken to diverse audiences all around the world on multiple topics necessary to engage, equip, and enlighten; as well as empower others to follow through with their creative, entrepreneurial, and life goals and become successful in their skill, creative business, and artistic form.

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